40th Annual Blissfest
Music Festival
July 9th, 10th, and 11th 2021

A Place For Everyone

The 40th Annual Blissfest Music Festival will be a celebration of music, culture, art and community featuring a world of diverse and innovative folk, world and roots music and dance at the Festival Farm in picturesque rural northern Michigan scheduled for

July 9, 10, and 11, 2021. It is truly a blissful musical weekend to be shared with families, friends and music-lovers of all ages. 

The annual event is a showcase of the many musical styles that define American roots and world music. Bluegrass, Blues, Zydeco, Celtic, Folk, Jazz, Latin, Ethnic, World music and dance all share the stage. Innovators of these roots styles are on hand to dazzle and amaze.

Volunteer and
Join The BlissCrew!

Here at the Blissfest, we love our team!
Our work exchange program allows you to work in exchange for a weekend wristband to the festival, or another arranged perk package. Beyond that arrangement, or in place of, your work is then considered volunteer. It takes around 700 people working pre-fest, during festival, and post-fest to bring it all together!The Blissfest Music Festival literally could not happen without our loyal and hard working work exchange participants.

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Becoming a member of the Blissfest Music Organization supports our mission and programming plus you get great discounts on the annual festival, concerts, special events and additional perks.
(One Membership Per Household)

meet Our great team!

Sarah Reinfelder

Operations Manager

Caroline Barlow


Jim Gillespie


Customer reviews

Hear it from our Blissters!

Linda Suarez

Super, super music in the best place in northern Michigan’s greatest Lake Michigan area.


Megan Osier

I had so much fun volunteering! I WHOLE heartedly recommend volunteering as a way to procure your weekend pass. My shift passed quickly and my reimbursement was so easy! Thank you for a fabulous weekend , great music and good fun!


Liz Kurko

I’ve been going since I️ was 5 and I️ will continue to go. I️ have been to numerous music festivals and bliss is beyond magical. The woods, community, and size make this by far my favorite festival! 


Laurie Bingaman

Finally got the weekend off to celebrate Bliss for the first time!! Loved it and will be back next year….Everything was fabulous-music,food,campsites, etc…and especially friends and love!!! Kudos for a terrific job to the Blissfest Organization-d*** proud to have an organization like this in little ole Northern Michigan


Wristbands On Sale January 1st, 2021